About the Natural Vision Improvement Workshops

In this comprehensive one day workshop, you will come to understand why vision deteriorates and how it can be corrected naturally. You will also learn exercises to strengthen your eye’s ability to focus, thus reducing your need for glasses. Although visual deterioration is a natural part of aging, this process can be slowed, even reversed, with lifestyle changes, targeted exercise and proper nutrition.

The Dr. Banker Method creates a unique health plan, combining cross-cultural exercises and traditional healing methods for each person. The “Natural Vision Improvement” one day seminar gives you personal interaction with Dr. Banker’s associates as they guide you through your body, identifying where your system most needs attention. They then demonstrate the exercises and procedures that will assist you in bringing yourself to a more healthful state of being.

Vision Improvement Workshops are $700.00, registration a minimum of two weeks in advance is required. The Workshops are held Saturdays, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a break for lunch.

Included with the class is the The Dr. Banker Natural Vision Improvement Kit,
which contains a 200 Page Workbook, 4 Audio Compact Discs, 2 DVD video discs, and 8 Laminated Eye Charts, a $200.00 value.

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